Zero share for Agnyaathavaasi in Nizam yesterday

Yes, what you have read in the headline is absolute truth. Agnyaathavaasi has collected zero rupees in share yesterday in entire Telangana. Now many of you may wonder how that is possible? Hasn’t a single theater was half full? Hasn’t a single person purchased a ticket? These questions should probably come into your mind. No wrong, let us teach you some boxoffice stuff.

Boxoffice numbers can be reported in three terms. They are Gross, Nett and Share. Gross is total collection obtained from ticket sales. Nett is the amount left after deducting GST from Gross and Share is the amount left after deducting theater expenses from the Nett. In Telugu film industry, trade generally reports share collection. SHARE is something which gets distributed among producers and distributors abiding their deals.

Into the topic, Agnyaathavaasi has collected zero share yesterday from entire Telangana state. Irony, the film faced 5 lakh deficit instead. That means, nothing left from the gross after deducting GST and theater expenses. In addition, the distributors had to pay 5 lakh from their pockets.

While Jai Simha with a steady trend pooled 20 lakh share yesterday in Nizam, Gang collected 13 lakh share. Even Raj Tarun’s Rangula Ratnam managed a share of 2.50 lakh in Nizam but Agnyaathavaasi earned nothing but zero. Technically, – 5 lakh. This is another unwanted record for Pawan Kalyan.