You will be shocked to know how much Trivikram and Pawan charged for Agnyaathavaasi

These are days where a star her and a star director combined are eating up more than half of the budget. Spyder and Agnyaathavaasi are examples of the current scenario. For Spyder Mahesh charged 25cr – 27cr and Murugadoss charged around 20cr. So, they both costed around 47cr. Add 13cr more to that and you can make a big movie even with a star hero. It’s even more worse for Agnyaathavaasi. You will be literally shocked to know how much Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram charged for this critically bashed film.

Believe it or not, both charged 30cr each, as per our sources. Yes, producer had to give 60cr for the duo seeing their past succesful movies and the craze this combination carries. No matter how hard it would be digest that Trivikram is charging equal to Pawan Kalyan but fact is a fact. That’s because, he is committed to bring big heroes to Haarika and Hassine Creations.

The total budget of Agnyaathavaasi is around 140cr. This is not just humongous but also more than Spyder. In a sense, it’s stupidity to spend so much on a entertainer. End of the day, critics and public together are giving left and right to the film. So, 140cr was spent on a dud?

Where film industry is progressing? Where should producers and distributors go with such huge remunerations, budgets and pre release business?