Yandamoori insults Chiranjeevi’s TV show

Looks like writer Yandamoori Virendranath is in no mood to put a full stop for the verbal spat going on between him and Mega Family. The famous writer irked the mega family when he included Ram Charan under bad light in one of his lectures.

This issue gone viral when Nagababu went hard on the writer in Khaidi No 150 pre release function. Nagababu severely criticised Yandamoori for his comments on Ram Charan. Later, even Chiranjeevi shared his unhappiness on the writer’s behaviour.

Yandamoori might have thought to give something back. The writer, in a recent lecture, literally insulted Chiranjeevi’s Meelo Evaru Koteeshwarudu game show. Compared the game show with lottery and gambling.

“Lottery is better than Meelo Evaru Koteeshwarudu. I hate this government for banning only lottery and gambling. If it has to ban, then it should ban every similar thing. They collect 15 rupees (with messages) from 10 lakh people. The receive 1.50 cr from the public and throw 6 lakhs for the contestants, as if they are dogs. Collecting 15 rupees from poor people is not at all good” the writer made some sensational comments.