Will hit Ram Gopal Varma with slippers

As we have reported yesterday, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has made some unusual comments regarding Women’s Day. The filmmaker was in all praise of Sunny Leone and wished all women to give the same happiness what Sunny Leone gives to men. The director even went on announcing a short film on Sunny.

This was okay but the real fire brand tweet arrived after that. Ram Gopal Varma started tweeting about Women’s day in his own witty style. He started with “Like there is a Womens Day is there a Womens Night also???”

Then he said “Except my mother, daughter, sister and grand mother, I love all other women with equal respect. My mom,sister,daughter and my grandmother mainly respect me for my honesty in openly expressing my respect towards Sunny Leone’s honesty”.

Now this series of tweets irked many women organizations and also a female MLC , NCP party leader Vidya Chawan. The politician expressed her anger on RGV’s statements in public. She demanded apology from the director for his comments on women and women’s day. If he fails to do so, she warned that he would be treated with slipper slaps.