Why Babu silent on Ravela episode ?

AP Social Welfare Minister Ravela Kishore Babu became a talking point ever since Guntur ZP Chairperson Jani Moon made allegations on him. She claimed that the minister has been harassing her family and attacked her house with his goons several times. After Jani Moon held a press meet and openly stated her troubles she is getting support from opposition parties and NGOs.

On the other hand CM Chandrababu is dealing the Ravela episode cautiously. He did not want to take strict action against his minister. On the other hand Jani Moon episode has gained statewide attention. Even though Ravela is saying that he is innocent, past incidents related to him proving otherwise. His son was involved in a teasing incident in Hyderabad. Somehow the issue subsided. This time Ravela Kishore Babu directly involved in the threatening so TDP is facing some heat from the public also.

When it comes to social media many netizens question the CM why he is not taking strong action on his minister? Let us see how Chandrababu is going to handle this issue.