Which Telugu comedian charges how much per day?

* Brahmamnandam :

There were days when Brahmanandam charged even 3.5 lakhs per day. But the star comedian has lost his charm at the ticket windows now. People are not really waiting to see him do comedy. So, filmmakers have been ignoring him for some time. Sources say, he hardly charges 2.5 lakhs per day now.

* Ali :

The most experienced comedian after Brahmanandam never went over the top in demanding remuneration. He is charging 2 lakhs per day now. However, even Ali isn’t seen regularly in movies these days.

* Posani Krishna Murali :

He is one of the busiest artists in Telugu film industry at the current trend. He is not dependent on sperate comedy tracks. His uniqueness is what makes him saleable. He is charging 1.75 lakhs per day.