Where to find the medicine you don’t find in medical shop?

It is said that 2 in every 3 persons in India visit medical at least for once in a week. Don’t know how accurate that estimation might be but it is kind of fact. Yes, don’t we visit medical shops regularly? If not for us, for anyone in the family, we do visit medical shops quite regularly. But at times, we couldn’t manage getting the medicine we want. That happens with everyone of us. We keep searching for that particular medicine day long. But why do invest so much time and hard work on getting a medicine when you can buy anything from online? But where? Which site and which app? Here we inform.

* Medplus App :

The medplus has on official app in playstore. Download and use it for all free. Besides, you get extra discount on every purchase you make from the app. All you got to do is, enter the name of the medicine, select it and choose the medplus store near you. The order generally gets delivered in day or day and half (in Hyderabad). This is probably the best in the business. If you need other apps, the list follows.

* Practo
* Doorstep Pharmacy
* 1 MG medicines
* Pharmacy Generic
* Myra Medicines (discount and early delivery)
* Netmeds India ki
* PharmEasy