What to take and what to avoid for sperm production?

A man is called a man just because he is able to produce sperm. Yeah, it’s all about the strength of testicles and the care taken by man which makes him stand as a man. So, let’s see what things can lower and improve sperm production.

What to take and what to do ?

* L – Arginine is mostly found in nuts, eggs, meat and sesame seeds. Intake of L – Arginine is healthy for sperm and it increases the production of sperm.

* L – Carnitine is also a sperm booster. It is found in milk and tea. It’s a natural amino acid which helps the sperm count.

* Folic Acid , with the combination of Zinc will certainly increase your sperm count. They are found in grains.

* Protein intake and a diet with healthy content will bless your sperm.

* Regular participation in sex (at least in masturbation) is must to keep your testicles strong in sperm production.

What to avoid ?

* Never eat canned foods. They carry BPA, which is called as Synthetic Estrogen.

* Never smoke. Smokers do have very less count of seminal fluid which will lower your sperm production ability.

* Don’t expose yourself much to the radiation of laptop’s and wi-fi signals. Excessive heat can will damage your testicles, and lower the production of sperm.

* Drinking coffee for more than 3 cups a day will put your sperm production at a risk. Heavy intake of soda and cool drinks will make you less reproductive.

* Believe it or not, few to several studies have proved that excess alcohol intake will increase estrogen count, which is not at all good for men’s body.

* Stress lowers testosterone and automatically sperm production rate falls down.