What to eat to grow long hair in quick time ?

Who doesn’t like long hair? Irrespective of gender, long hair is a fashion today. Even men are loving to don long hair look. Don’t they ? Coming to women, they just need long hair which grows in quick time. So, here are the superfoods which promote long hair and faster hair growth.

* Presence of Vitamin is an essential for faster and longer hair growth. Eat Vitmain A rich foods, especially Carrot. Vitmain A promotes the production of natural sebum oil which is important for healthy roots and growth of every cell on the scalp.

* What hair is made up of ? Isn’t it protein which builds hair ? So, why don’t you include lots of protein in your diet ? Eat eggs regularly, prefer chicken and also plant proteins. But remember, in any ways, protein intake is compulsory.

* Biotin promotes cell proliferation. This element is found in whole grain. In addition, whole grains also contain good amount of Vitamin B, iron and zinc. All these together fasten your hair growth.

* As you read, iron is a key element in hair growth. But if your body has to absorb iron effectively, you need vitamin C. How to obtain vitamin C ? It’s simple, eat citrus family fruits. You can have a delicious Orange or a healthy lemon. Both give you vitamin C.

* Salmon fish comes with a package of omega 3 fatty acids. It also has load of vitamin D and protein. All these three elements are required for long hair and also faster hair growth.

* You need vitamin E for improved blood flow around your scalp. A good rate of blood flow helps the follicles work effectively on hair growth. In addition, vitamin C also controls PH levels. Wonder how to get such good amount of Vitamin E ? Eat Avocados.

Other foods :

– Nuts
– Almonds
– Oysters
– Sweet Potatoes
– Yellow peppers
– Sunflower seeds