What are the benefits of eating on a banana leaf ?

Many north Indians wonder to see south Indians eating food on a banana leaf. They would think this is just a tradition and nothing more than that but it’s not pretty much the same. Yes, eating on a banana leaf is a tradition but it has many scientific factors involved. If in case someone asks why do south Indians eat food on Banana leaf, tell them that Banana leaves are a rich source of antioxidants and polyphenols which protect us from radicals. In other words, they minimize the chances of cancer. Banana leaves also do contain citric acid, Vitamin A, calcium and much more. So, without extending the discussion let’s check the cool benefits of eating food on banana leaves.

* Banana leaves are environment friendly. It’s not a paper plate to harm the air in our premises. Banana leaves are the cleanest and healthiest plates we can get. Eating on banana leaves don’t carry any side effects.

* We eat in the same plastic or silver plate which was used by some other person. Though we clean plates right after the meal there is always a question of Hygiene. Instead of bothering about hygienic things, we can use fresh banana leaves which are utter clean and hygienic.