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At what age girls will enter puberty? At an estimation, it would be around 14 years. However, there is no accuracy. From 10 – 15 years, girls enter puberty. At what age women would enter menopause stage? Even this is tough to say as it varies from person to person but 51 is said to be the average age of menopause. But a little girl, who is barely started showing signs of menopause. Yes, you got to believe this. Now you may wonder if 5 years is the age of menopause in her case, when did she start experiencing periods? Well, this would give a shocker. She started menstruating at the age of 4. So, her puberty is lasting for one year.

The little one’s name is Emily Dover, who is an Australian. She was absolutely a normal child during her birth. By the passage of time, doctors witnessed unusual growth in her body. When she was a 4 months old child, she looked like a one year old one. The body growth was very abnormal. By the time she was 4, parents and doctors were surprised to see her body with developed breast buds, cystic acne and also body odour. All these left the clue that Emily is suffering from Addison’s disease, a rare condition which keeps the body growing at an unusual rate.

Besides Addison’s disease, Emily has also been diagnosed with Central Precocious Puberty, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety Disorder. How rude has God been with her? This is too much for a 4-5-year-old child. This ain’t the end, her adrenal glands don’t even produce steroid hormones adequately.

Unfortunately, even hormone therapy won’t work on her, say the doctors. She can never be a normal child. Technically, she is 50 at the age of 5. Poor little fellow.