Village Tag of Homely Beauty

General assumption by many about sanchita padukone, the new lady in Tollywood is she could be the cousin sister to Bollywood heart throb Deepika Padukone. As both of them hail from same state of Karnataka, in fact Sanchita has got initial offers due to this tag of Padukone. The recent relase of ‘Chammak Challo’ is one among Sanchita’s list and she has two or three more to go. However, the actress reacted on having no blood or family relations with Deepika.

‘I am not the cousin to Deepika Padukone. The only common factor connecting both of us is ‘Padukone’ tag. Truth is that, ‘Padukone’ is name of a village in Karnataka from where we both hail. All those who live or settled in this village will be addressed similarly like Deepika Padukone and my self sanchita padukone. So, I want to make my self an identity in the industry and I do not need any other support,’ homely beauty Sanchita said.