Vijay Sai case- Vanitha Reddy arrested

Comedian Vijay Sai’s unexpected death has been feeding media with some sensational news for last week. The actor who made his mark in Telugu film industry with films like Ammailu Abbailu and Bommarillu happened to hang himself to a ceiling fan leaving a suicide selfie video. He blamed his wife Vanitha Reddy as the major reason behind his death.

Vanitha Reddy wasn’t really available in public all these days. But being in hidden state, Vanitha Reddy released a counter video projecting her husband as a womaniser who had extra marital affairs for few other women. However, police would still get her in the bone since she is the major accused in Vijay Sai’s suicide case./br>

As said, the police finally arrested Vanitha Reddy. It is yet to be known if or not the police will bring Vanitha Reddy to the media. Vanitha will be submitted to the court very soon. Stay tuned to Telugustop for more updates.