Unheard facts about eggs

We all know how good eggs are when it comes to the availability of nutrients and proteins. An egg contains 6g of high protein and 14 key nutrients. One large egg offers you 70 calories along with iron, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D l, vitamin E, folate, selenium, sodium and much more. There is only one not so good thing about an egg, yolk contains high amount of cholesterol.

The list of nutrition value and the calculations aren’t finished yet. There are many more interesting facts about eggs. Just check out the list to get surprised.

* In general we see egg yolk in yellow colour. But the colour could change from and egg to another. It could be yellow pale yellow orange or even red depending upon the health of the hen and the nutritional value differences.

* And egg comes from a hen but it doesn’t carry any hormones from it. Yes eggs are hormone free. They do not come with any hormone balance hormone imbalances.