Top low sugar foods for diabetes patients

Sugar patients generally think twice and thrice before eating a fruit. Drinking juice is not even a matter as the liquid form of any fruit contains high sugar levels. But there are certain fruits, which can be eaten without any fear of increase in blood sugar levels. They are very low on sugar content. Here are 8 among them.

* This would surprise you since strawberries are sweet in taste. Guess what ? Even in a cup full of strawberries, you could barely take 7 grams of sugar. It is more of a Vitamin C fruit but not sugar.

* Grapefruit, another member of citrus fruit family which is a Vitmain C fruit on most and sugar food on least. Feel free to eat.

* There is no surprise since Lemons don’t even taste sweet. It is one of the most beneficial fruits for your health coming from the great citrus family.