Top director wants all women to be like Sunny Leone

It’s Women’s Day today. Every celebrity is busy wishing very routine women’s day wishes. But Ram Gopal Varma is an exception. Why would he do the same what others are doing. He has got something very different to say. Ram Gopal Varma wants all women to be like Sunny Leone. “I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives”, the director made tweet of the day.

As expected there was negative response on this tweet although Sunny Leone was comfortable with it. Then the director made even more sensational series of tweets announcing a short film on the actress. Yes, Ram Gopal Varma is about to direct a short film on Sunny Leone.

“The negative noise towards my tweet on Sunny Leone arises from ultimate hypocrisy.She has more honesty and more self respect than any woman. Sunny Leone doesn’t have millions following because of her body as 1000’s of women have great bodies ..

Her greatness is in standing by her pride. So making short film on exposing sanctimoniousness of extremely antithetical multifarious perspectives on the phenomenon of Sunny Leone.

My short film on her phenomenon will bare the veiled centrally decomposed cogitations in all the mentally corroded naysayers of Sunny Leone.” RGV made a series of tweets on making a short film on Sunny Leone.