Top actress trolled for coming out without bra

Of late, all actresses have been keeping so much stress on public appearances that they are spending bomb on outfits and meaty amount of money for designers. The less you wear, the more attention you could attain, this has been the mantra for all the leading ladies in page 3 functions. But, shouldn’t there be a limit for the glam show? Everything of anything is boring right?

A top actress, who acted and danced alongside some very big names of Telugu and Tamil film industries always try to make her mark in public events. She is known for her deliberate cleavage show in the filmy assembly. Few days ago, at her routine affair, this actress wore a stunning outfit redifining hotness. As usually, her cleavage display caught eye balls. But as the event was getting progressed, her outfit turned out to be a weird one since she intentionally or unintentionally forgot to wear a bra. Yes, SHE DID THAT.

Now, it’s up to your heads to imagine how awkward things went after few to several guests happend to see what she has done. If that was deliberate, a poor choice of gaining publicity. What motivated her to do that? Well, she is out of offers these days. But what she earned at the end? Not offers, but silent and serious bashing from the guests.