Top actress did hide her abortion?

She used to be one of the most happening ladies couple of years ago. Although she isn’t that huge down south at present, the beauty isn’t facing any scarcity of offers. Even today, this talented lady has couple of projects in her basket. We never thought of a dark spot on her character but the recent revelation from a source ended up giving a shocker.

As our source said, this beauty got almost married to some outsider and in order to maintain her chances in the industry, the lady went for abortion during the initial days in Telugu Cinema. She then, broke up with her boyfriend and forced him to remain silent about their private life.

Unfortunately, not many here know the dark truth behind. She did hide her abortion all these days but even a wall has ears. In a recent party, the actress, not in a great presence of mind, narrated her flashback to someone she is close with. Then, this news travelled places and also landed here, infront of you.