Top 8 WWE games for android phones

8) WWE Ta Mania

WWE Tap Mania is designed by SEGA. This game is all about card collecting mechanics and cartoon graphics. Interestingly, you can hear voiceovers from Michael Cole and Corey Graves. Even while you keep the phone off, the characters keep fighting.

7) Weekend Warriors MMA :

This game features about 300 fighters spread across 5 promotions and 5 weight classes. Career mode is available. It mainly features fights between the Top 10. The usage and control are so easy that even a beginner can play like a pro.

6) Boxing fighter WWE 3D :

Not just the latest WWE characters, there is right mixture of good graphics and fighting moves in this simplistic game. Importantly, this app is said to be connected with the World wrestling entertainment.

5) Wrestling Revolution :

Not a great game if you strictly consider the graphic it has been loaded with. The proper reason why you got to install this game is the presence of more than 350 WWE characters.