Top 10 Tollywood Romantic Songs

#9. KanulanuThaake :

This lovely song comes from the movie called Manam. What is better than some sort of fantasy in combination with comedy? A boy that both parents die when he’s young, but he becomes the reincarnation of both of them and tries the best to keep them together. That’s very cute, isn’t it? Romance doesn’t miss in this one either, take a look:

#10. KailoveChedugudu :

The best song of them all, probably! The melodic tunes will definitely melt your heart upon listening. It comes from the movie Alai Payuthey, involving marriage, death, and trauma altogether. A couple that decides to marry very fast and at a young age, and all the difficulties they have to endure during their new marriage. But this is definitely one of the most romantic songs you will ever hear. So take a break and express your love to your soulmate while it is not too late.