Top 10 Tollywood Romantic Songs

#4. Kannullo Nee Roopame :

You’ve probably seen the saddest romantic movie in the Telugu movie industry. NinnePelladatha featuring Nagarjuna and Tabu, the best actors of their time, is about the romance born between two young people that fell in love when Tabu comes in town for training. They thought they had their family’s approval, but before their marriage, her parents take her away to marry with somebody else, somebody she doesn’t love! So this is the best song if you want an evening full of emotions with your partner. Start listening to it right now:

#5. AkasamAmmayaithe :

This truly beautiful love song comes from the action movie called Gabbar Singh. And it is about a boy that runs away from home, hated by his own father and step-brother, coming back later on as a police inspector fighting crime. You might be surprised that an action movie would pull off such a good love song, but here it is, enjoy it:

#6.Tanemandho Ando Ledho :

The love story between Ganesh and Divya. Or more to say the love story of only Divya at the beginning. Ganesh happens to fake his love to her for some other ambitions, but she finds out, and then he starts falling in love with her. Will he be able to express his true love to Divya, and convince her that he loves her after what happened? Well girl, don’t let him off so easily! This beautiful love song comes from the movie Ganesh Just Ganesh. Consider singing it to your love tonight: