Top 10 Tollywood Celebrity Homes  

Telugu industry is the second richest movie industry in India and Tollywood celebrities are known for a lot of things, from acting to owning the most expensive houses in India. Living in a heavenly place is a common feeling among celebrities, but some of them are known for wanting to live a quieter and surprisingly peaceful luxurious life, and some of them have a more disturbed and rampant kind of living. Whatever the case these expensive houses are not for everyone, guess some of these celebrities worked a lot towards heaving their dream house that they always imagined of and maybe some of them just got lucky enough. Let’s take a look at the most expensive and glamorous homes of Indian celebrities. Do you ever wonder how you would feel if you lived in such an out-of-planet place? Time to find out what is inside these luxurious houses and who has the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee in these heavenly places.

#1. Prabhas

No wonder one of the most paid actors in the Telugu movie industry has one of the most luxurious houses in India. He chose the fancier style of living while making it to the top ten in our list of Tollywood celebrity houses. He lives in Hyderabad, Jubilee Hills. Prabhas is the nephew of veteran Telugu actor KrishnamRaju, and he is charged about 20 crores for a movie. He seems to spend a lot of his money in this fancy way of living among the other celebrities that prefer Hyderabad.