Top 10 tasty beer brands in India

10) Tuborg :

Tuborg could not be everyone’s choice but it has still got quite a good fan base. The design looks pretty much like Heinken but the taste differs very much. Can have a trial.

9) Foster’s :

If you aren’t that much concerned about the taste and all that you need is some alcoholic effect on your brain at very cheap price, then Foster’s could be the most economical choice.

8) Godfather :

It’s largely available. Even if you are at a hill station and craving for a Godfather beer, you wouldn’t get disappointed. No surprise, it has a “Mass”ive loyal customer base.

7) Stella Artois :

A huge name and huge brand with great taste. But unfortunately, it’s not available everywhere even if there are millions who crave for this super tasting beer. It’s expensive but worthy.