Top 10 OMG Rare Animals in the World

#4. Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkeys :

Fewer than 250 are known to exist, and they look like a sweet colored rainbow. With their pink lips, blue patches around the eyes, and their orange neck they look so weirdly good, they’re endemic to North Vietnam.

#5. Angel Shark :

Squatina known for their flattened bodies while looking more than rays, earlier found in the Atlantic Ocean, Black and Mediterranean Sea will soon be extinct due to fishing.

#6. Gooty Tarantula :

Poecilotheria Metallica known for its brilliant metallica blue color from the family of tarantulas will soon be extinct due to many factors. Even if we’re all terrified of spiders, we can’t deny the fact that this one looks really beautiful, can we? It still can be found in Sri Lanka.

This kind of turtle is considered an endangered species still found in South Africa. It has a high geometric looking carapace to protect it from the predators.

#8. Northern Bald Ibis :

They are known for Noah’s ark, being the first bird that he released from the ark. We thought up till late that it was extinct though it was rediscovered in 2002 in his Middle East home.

#9. Cuban Greater Funnel-Eared Bat :

There are only 100 left of this weird-looking bat. It is only found in Cuba.

#10. White Antelope :

Due to hunting and tourism pressure this charming white antelope was found in all Africa, but you can only see it in Niger. It is said that there are only 300 of them left in the wild.