Top 10 most romantic Bollywood songs

Everyone should experience romance once in a while, in different kind of ways. You deserve it! Love is the sweetest emotion and the most beautiful thing that someone can express to you and can be expressed to somebody else. Have you ever listened to a song while you’re in love and you understood every word that the artist is saying through your feelings? Or when you listen to a song when you miss someone, and you completely understand how numb it feels to be without your loving one. While someone chooses to deliver flowers to their other half, someone tries to share their feelings through chocolates, poems or even lyrics of a song. Bollywood is known for its love and romantic songs that will melt your heart upon listening. Some of them made it to top 10, and some of them didn’t. But those that got chosen are the most melodic and romantic songs you’ll ever hear, just try not to repeat them for several times or you’ll be stuck on each one of them. From a combination through the years, 10 of the biggest hits in Bollywood are:

#1. AeDilHaiMushkil

There is no better love song than Arijit Singh’s, and maybe there will never be. It’s for a reason the top song in every love playlist. AeDilHaiMushkil is also a movie that war released on 2016, featuring famous Bollywoodian actresses like Anushka Sharma, AishwaryaRaiBachchan, and RanbirKapoor, written and directed by Karan Johar.