Top 10 actresses with most attractive breasts

Emma Watson might be the most paid actress in the world with matchless fan following. Angelina Jolie might be the most beautiful and Jennifer Lawrence might be the most successful. But all these three haven’t got any place in the list of hottest ladies. This list is about those 10 actresses in the world, who are the owners of most attractive breasts.

#10) Salma Hayek:

If you don’t know, she received “best breasts” award in 2007 Anatomy Awards. A decade passed and the 40 year old of then turned 50 years today. But she is still one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood.

#9) Kim Kardashian :

Probably the boldest beauty in the tinsel town. She is someone who released her own sex tape. There is a reason why she did that. When you got something .. Show it.