This is the reason why Kathi Mahesh skipped answering about mother

As you have seen, Kathi walked out of a debate in the middle when one of Ram Gopal Varma’s student cum filmmaker asked Kathi to tell something about his mother. Kathi Mahesh stayed mute for a couple of minutes without answering anything and then left the show all of sudden without any prior notice. Since Kathi Mahesh didn’t answer the question and left the debate in the middle, people in social media started drawing different conclusions over it. Some called Kathi Mahesh’s mother was a cheater who betrayed the chit investors and some termed Kathi Mahesh as a hypocrite for not answering about his mother but passing serious allegations on a lady Poonam Kaur.

However, Kathi Mahesh had a strong reason for quitting the show. His mother died battling cancer. So, he couldn’t utter a word when he was asked to recall something about the mother.

“My mother died battling cancer couple of years back. She is the most loving and caring human being I have ever come across in my life.I quit the debate because it was very insulting, insulting to me and insulting to my mother. How can I bare myself and my emotional journey with my mother to any stranger whose intention was to mock my mother? The memory is the painful one and I’m still living that memory.” said Kathi Mahesh.

Well, Kathi was thrown into a state of emotional discomfort by Vivek. But the question is, what Kathi Mahesh’s mother has to do with the whole issue here? Obviously, Kathi didn’t drag Poonam into the issue. In reality, it was Poonam who started with fatso comments.