This is the food that make men more fertile – study

University of Delaware in Newark, US happened to conduct an experiment on sperm health very recently under the supervision of researcher Patricia A. Martin De Leon. The research found out the relationship between Walnuts and sperm health. It has been proved that Walnuts help men in producing healthy sperm and make them more fertile.

Scientists made a mice take a diet that contained 19.60% of colories from Walnuts, which is 2.5 ounces. Interestingly, there was significant improvement in sperm quality and reduction in lipid peroxidation (a process that is said to be damaging sperm cells in a male). It means, intake of walnuts will reduce sperm damage.

Scientists have suggested a daily diet which contains 75 gms of walnuts. Intake of walnuts in this measure will improve sperm movement and sperm form. In other words, it will make sperm more strong and boost of the quality, which makes a man even more fertile.