These two actresses​ have the best bodies in Bollywood Inbox

Jacqueline Fernandez is different from the usual. She doesn’t hold sort of ego to restrict herself from appreciating her contemporaries. For the same reason, the live wire has only friends but no enemies in a wild town like Bollywood.

The third most desirable woman of India, in presence of mind says that Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif have the best figures in the industry today. The actress adds that their bodies are perfectly shaped in all measures and Katrina in special is a breathtaking beauty who can look hot in any attire, a saree or a bikini.

We can understand that Jacqueline has been too modest because she is no lesser than any beauty in the world, why only talk about Bollywood. Of course, she has been rated as the sexiest lady on planet by FHM magazine very recently. So, who is your choice? Who has the hottest body ? Is it Katrina, Deepika or Jacqueline?