Telugu filmmakers fighting for KCR

All of sudden, Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao has become a saleable product for writers and the filmmakers in the industry. In fact, filmmakers are competing with each other to make a biopic on the face of Telangana state.

Yesterday, Madhura Sridhar announced a biopic of KCR in the production of Raj Kandukuri. When this exciting update was creating good buzz, Ram Gopal Varma told in his witty way that, he is also in the competition of making a biopic on KCR. But one crazy thing, the title won’t be KCR. It will be reverse, RCK.

“I am making a film called RCK the reverse of what one doesn’t know about KCR. RCK will be about the actual KCR and it will show him in his reverse form which will be the most straightest ever. RCK will be about KCR’s mindness and not his outwardness. KCR has a inward outness but my film RCK will highlight his outward Inness. RCK will demonstrate the fact that KCR is Telangana’s Bruce lee mixed with Deepika Padukone’s beauty and many political’s non beauty”. Ram Gopal Varma stated via his Twitter account.