Tamil actor Vijay insults Nagarjuna

Vijay’s Mersal has hit the Telugu screens day before yesterday. The film had the biggest release for the actor in Telugu states. Although it has been a delayed release, the openings literally shook the trade world. Adirindi has taken 1.67 cr share on opening day. The opening day can be compared to some notable actor’s films.

For example, Aidirindi scored big over Nagarjuna’s Om Namo Venkateshaya in couple of trade areas. While Aidirindi had a 50 lakh share on 1st day in Nizam, Om Namo Venkateshaya only managed 45 lakhs before GST. Om Namo Venkateshaya had managed only 8 lakh share on Krishna and Adirindi surprisingly raked 17 lakh share. Even in UA Adirindi scores bigger than the Nagarjuna film. Overall, On Namo Venkateshaya had 1.96 cr share on day 1 and Adirindi raked 1.67. Not so big difference.

Here is the day 1 breakup of Aidirindi in Telugu states :

Nizam – 50L
Ceeded- 23L
Nellore- 6.50L
Guntur- 20L
Krishna- 17.30L
West- 8L
East- 13L
UA- 29L

Total share – 1.67Cr

Call it Vijay’s popularity in Telugu states or the publicity provided by BJP with GST dialogue controversy.