superfoods that purify your blood effectively

1) Water :

There is no much better way to keep your blood away from cholesterol and toxins than drinking water. You know the per day intake for audlt male is 3.7 liters and for women it’s 2.7 liters. So, have your daily intake at any cost. This is the most economical and most effective way to purify your blood.

2) Avocado :

A glass of Avocado juice would cost Rs.60 – Rs.70 and that’s minimum. Yeah it’s bit expensive but effective. Avocado comes with the combination of omega 3 fats and oils. This combo simply helps in detoxification and purifying. It eliminates all the waste materials from your blood.

3) Lemon juice :

Needless to say that Lemon is a great source of vitamin C. Actually, entire citrus family is know for vitamin C. This vitamin is termed as natural cleanser and the best among all vitamins when it comes to cleansing. Have a glass of lemon juice every morning. Keep it simple.

4) Turmeric Milk :

A traditional way to cleanse your blood. Right from ancient times, Indian medicine is incomplete without Turmeric. Just add some ginger, black pepper, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon in Turmeric Milk to reap the extra and efficient benefits. This drink can actually generate new blood cells in your body.

5) Leafy greens :

Prefer dark green vegetables. They have folic acid, iron and vitamins like A, C and B. Iron is very important to generate fresh blood cells and that combination of Vitmain flushes out the toxins from your blood. Eat mustard greens, kale, Swiss chard and inclusion of spinach is must as it helps in maintaining healthy hemoglobin levels.

6) Coriander leaves along with parsley :

Both parsley and coriander leaves carry alkalising effect. Besides, they are source of chlorophyll. This combination flushes our heavy metals from your blood including Mercury. You can eat these leaves raw without any hesitation.

Other foods :

* Apple
* Guava
* Oats and Nuts
* Garlic
* Cabbage
* Jaggery
* Pears