Superfoods that protect from Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s may not be life taking but it makes life harder and more harder everyday. People can’t remember things, people fail to judge things, they are not able to think properly and add more worse things like forgetting everything about oneself and even forgetting how to do the basic activities like eating and walking. Ugh, it’s terrible disease. Protect yourself with these food items.

* Give it a shot by using coconut oil for cooking. It has medium chain triglycerides which increase the blood levels of ketone bodies. It improves the performance of brain since ketone bodies work as substitute brain fuel.

* Olive oil is a source of oleocan which breaks down amyloid plaques by increasing the production of proteins and enzymes. It helps to remember things more efficiently and treats Alzheimer’s.

* Antioxidants can be heavily found in blueberries. They protect our brain from free radicals. They also keep elements causing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s away from our body.