Superfoods for memory and concentration power

On an average, a human brain can hardly concentrate on one single topic continuously for 20 minutes. If someone has to go past, either he/she should have enormous concentration power or the topic should bring such intensity and excitement. If both are not the cases, even 10 minutes would be too long. It’s not just concentration power, even memory power in human beings is coming down day by day. That’s because of our over dependency on technology. We don’t bother remembering things. We need not recall most of the things, a simple Google would work for us in many ways. Then, how to boost up concentration and memory power ? Yoga and meditation will work big time but what about diet ? What should we eat ?

Best foods for the brain

* Avocados:

1) It contains vitamin K which helps in preventing blood clots in the brain.

2) Although avocados carry the bad reputation for being a fat rich food, these green power houses are packed with mono saturated fats are of good kind, keeping blood sugar levels steady.

* Beets:

1) Beets are helpful in reducing inflammation

2) Beets assist in getting rid of blood toxins in the blood

* Blue berries:

1) It includes vitamin K, Vitamin C and fiber it contains high level of gallic acid .

2) With the above mentioned nutritional concentration blue berries keep the brain cells away from degeneration and stress

* Bone broth:

1) Bone broth has loads of collagen which helps to reduce intestinal inflammation.

2) It also has amino acids which contribute immensely for the growth of immunity power.

* Broccoli:

1) A human body, an adult man to be precise requires 90 milligrams of vitamin c every day where as broccoli provides nearly 140 milligrams with ease.

2) If u want to start loving broccoli, try crockpot beef and broccoli, creamy broccoli soup and broccoli pesto dip.

* Coffee:

1) Consuming too much of coffee a day makes u feel jittery. So it’s better not to have more than 400 mg of caffeine a day

2) Moderate intake of caffeine keeps your brain energetic and electrified. Don’t you ever wonder why scientists and writers are addicted to coffee?