Subbararaju upset with himself for leaking Puri Jagannath secrets

Before Pokiri who was Subbararaju ? Not many people know that he was a struggling actor who did couple of films before Pokiri including Nagarjuna’s Nenunnanani. But one single film Pokiri changed his entire life. In other words, Puri Jagannath provided a break through and also an actor life for Subbararaju. He repeated Subbararaju in many of his films. Have to say, Subbararaju will be indebted to Puri Jagannath forever.

But the same Subbararaju, who earned everything he has today because of Puri, turned almost an approver by revealing many secrets about Puri Jagannath in drugs case. Although the actor never wanted to disown the loyalty towards the star filmmaker, the way interrogation was conducted didn’t let him to stick. Subbararaju had to open up. He had no choice.

Reportedly, Subbararaju is really upset with himself. He regrets everything he did in the question hours of SIT. He is blaming himself for throwing Puri into more deeper trouble. He sees it as a betrayal. The actor, in front of his close people, cursed himself and expressed sorrow that he will not be able to face to face Puri Jagannath anymore.