Star producer makes controversial comment on TDP over Nandi Awards

Visit filmnagar in Hyderabad today to know what kind of heat Nandi Award has generated in the tinsel town. In special, it’s about Legend winning best film, best actor and best director awards. Since Balakrishna was the jury chairman of 2014 Nandi Awards, it is opined that the actor gifted himself an award using his political power.

Producer Bunny Vas, who is known as a loyal well-wisher of Mega Family, is disappointed with the TDP mark on Nandi Awards. It looks like he was expecting the award for a Mega Hero over Balakrishna. However, there was no such award winning performance from a Mega Hero in the year 2014. Films like Manam and 1-Nenokkadine have had Nagarjuna and Mahesh Babu performing unusual roles with perfection.

The producer made a Facebook post “All Mega Heroes should learn acting skills from TDP government to achieve AP state awards”. That’s a good satire but without any serious logic. As we said, there was no remarkable performance from a Mega Hero in that year. However, the producer immediately deleted the post after realising that his satire could possibly lead to a big controversy.