Star actress’s nip*ple slips out

You can’t expect people to sit silent when you are a public figure. Especially when you are into Cinema, Sports or politics, you need to be extra careful about everything you say, you post and you wear. Actress Amy Jackson is facing a bizzare reaction on the internet over her new pic.

A friend of Amy, Manasvi posted a new pic from her hangout with the British beauty which is now going viral on internet. The reason behind so much attention is nip*ple slip of Amy Jackson. The actress and her friends realised the reason behind attention very quickly and deleted the post but even before they have taken the measures, it was all over the internet. See, the problems celebrities have to face.

In other news, Amy Jackson’s next, 2.0 is expected to get postponed once again. The Rajinikanth – Shankar magnum opus might be slated for post summer release this year. Amy Jackson also have become the part of Supergirl series in Hollywood.