Sridevi using injections for fake glamour?

Senior actress Sridevi is aging backwards, we wondered. The 53 year old lady is still looking stunning, we thought it could be the effect of her blessed genes. But all the praising we have showered until date are pointless? It’s not natural beauty which is showcasing Sridevi as she is looking today? The legendary actress is reliable on botox injections for fake glamour?

Well, reports in the national media say the same. Apparently, Sridevi is heavily using botox injections to look glamorous even at the age of 53. The star actress has two daughters but there are no signs in Sridevi what generally we see in a adult children mother. Is this beauty, nothing but a coating from medicines?

Reports say, she is using medicines and injections on a regular basis to look young as much as possible. If this is true, now we wonder why so many efforts, keeping your health at risk, just for mere paparazzi attention?