Smartphones with best battery in present market

What is your phone’s camera ? How good it can capture things ? How bright the selfies are ? Only boys and girls should have concern about these things. But for men and women, it should be about the battery life of a phone. We all live a tired working day. We travel, long and very long. So, at these circumstances, the battery life a mobile matters the most than any multimedia features. So, for you, here is the list of good battery life phones in the present market.

* Lenovo P2 comes with a massive battery of 5100 mAh. It just costs 16,999 rupees. It’s a 4G LTE phone and for all these specifications, can be considered as one of the most economical mobile phones.

* Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, which costs 29,900 rupees, comes with a humongous battery of 5000 mAh. This is a 4G phone, so it’s up to the requirements of this generation.

* ZTE Blade A2 has a battery life of 5000 mAh. This 4G VoLTE phone costs 11,999 rupees for you.

* Most happening brand of current times, Xiaomi has wide of range of battery life phones. One from those, Mi Max has 4850 mAh battery. It comes in two variants, Rs.19,999 one and Rs.14,999 one.

* Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is expected to the new market leader of India. This phone has 3 variants but the battery life is the same for all three. It’s has 4100 mAh battery power.

* Redmi Note 3, Lenevo K6 Note, Samsung Galaxy c9 pro, Lenovo phab 2, and several other smartphones are offering 4000 mAh battery life.