Signs and symptoms of oral cancer

3) A growing Mass inside the mouth

It typically occurs on your cheeks, near the back of your mouth, or along the side of your tongue. That’s why it is necessary to meet surgeon immediately if you find an irregular mass inside your mouth that has been growing persistently for 2 months

4) Problem in swallowing food

It’s not about occasional difficulty you face when you try to swallow it is about a large quantity of the food at the same time.
Chronic difficulty in eating and drinking is a sign of throat cancer.

5) Lump on the neck

In advance stages of oral cancer, cancer cell passes into this lymphatic and reaches lymph nodes, where they start growing .
A hard lump in the side of neck or chin is also a sign of oral cancer.

6) Tooth Loosening

It is only found if cancer has affected gums
In this case, the cancer cells slowly eat away the jaw bone and cause the teeth in your mouth to shift around and become loose.