Signs and symptoms of oral cancer

1) Consumption of excessive spicy food

2) Using mouthwashes which are alcohol content

3) Infection by Human papillomavirus (HPV an STD)

4) More exposure of the face and lips to the UV rays of the sun

5) It might get passed through jeans people with family history of oral cancer have higher chances of getting affected

Mouth cancer symptoms and signs

1) Patches in mouth

Earliest signs and of its development is the presence of white, red, or mixed patches in the mouth. It takes time to develop in the mouth and throat
These pre-cancerous lesions most commonly appear as rough patches in the mouth and are of three types based on their color.

Leukoplakia – white patches.
Erythroplakia – red patches.
Erythroleukoplakia – speckled version with a mixed pattern of red and white.

2).Unhealing sores in the Mouth and lips

Even after 2 months the presence of a sore or ulcer in the mouth has not healed then it is a classic sign of oral cancer.