She is ready to be Pawan Kalyan’s 4th wife

Obsession is different from admiration. No matter it is hard to not to fall in love with filmstars since they look ideal or goals to our eyes in many ways. However, they have their own flaws in real life. Despite knowing that, there are many people who develop obsession for film stars. If there is anything beyond obsession, it could be called as Erotomania. A Hyderabadi girl is struggling with Erotomania because of Pawan Kalyan.

She is now getting treated by Dr. Naresh Vadlamani in Columbus hospital, Begumpet, Hyderabad. This old girl (details can’t be revealed) has been with this mental issue for past 5 years. Although she was almost cured a year ago and even got married and delivered a baby, she has again fallen in the same Erotomania zone for another time.

She used to be working at an MNC at the age of 24. Once, Pawan Kalyan happend to visit the office on a personal work. This mad fan was on cloud nine seeing Pawan Kalyan with direct eye contact. She fell in love with him and started believing that the star had also fallen for her. However, the reality is so different that Pawan Kalyan doesn’t even know her existence.

Her behaviour got an odd touch now. While she can’t digest the fact that Pawan Kalyan happily entered his 3rd marriage, she is also ready to be his 4th wife. Let’s all pray for her speedy recovery.