Shakeela opens about marrying 28 year old     2015-02-05   07:59:55  IST  Raghu V

Shakeela opens about marrying 28 year old

Soft porn star Shakeela is considered as the right successor of Silk Smitha.She made her debut as a supporting actress in a Tamil soft porn movie and thereafter ruled that industry for more than a decade. Shakeela’s stardom reached to a point where the star Malayalam heroes like Mohan Lal and Mammooty etc have staged protest to ban her films in Malayalam.

Of late there were rumors that the actress got married with a guy who is ten years younger than her.Today Shakeela opens about rumors on her marriage with a young man.

The actress rubbished the news that she got wedded to a young man of 28 years as nothing but baseless rumors. Shakeela clarifies that she didn’t marry a 28 year old guy as was reported by a section of the media.

The actress affirmed that she is happily single looking after several orphan kids.Her wedding news has surprised quite a few but above all she is also a woman who have right the right to get married to whomever she wishes to.