Senior actress gets breast enlargement surgery

She is one of those rare senior actresses who romanced almost all cine legends in Telugu film industry. She was with the first and she was also with the second generation. She is arguably the most popular actress ever born in India if we take pan Indian popularity into consideration. Even after crossing the 50’s, she still gives sleepless nights to young starlets. Such is the beauty.

But why on Earth she has to undergo surgeries in this age? She doesn’t act in lead roles anymore? She doesn’t have to do some skin show for any magazines? But this graceful beaty has reportedly undergone two surgeries of late. Shockingly, one of the two is breast enlargement surgery.

If in case you don’t know, breast enlargement surgery increases the size of the two things as you see in the name. Film fraternity is shocked to see her act. Many are like “she is a mother of two. I don’t see any need to look sexy at this age. She doesn’t even endorse a brand. This looks like a greedy act”.

Not just a breast enlargement surgery, the actress has also gone under a lip job to make her lips looks even more beautiful. All these things after crossing 50 years of age !