See how eating sesame seeds can treat infertility in men

Male fertility in true danger in this 21st century. The advanced technology might have been a boon but in case of male fertility it is not and it never will. For various reasons, men have been losing their capacity to reproduce. The sperm count is hitting low and low with the passage of time and increase in technology and stress. But male infertility isn’t untreatable. All that you have to know is the grass root cause of the problem.

There are different methods to treat male infertility. There are vedic and Ayurvedic methods, Chinese medicinal methods, allopathic methods and so on. We aren’t sure how far you can trust any of these methods but here is an economical tip for you to increase the production and mobility of sperm. Just include sesame seeds in your diet.

Sesame seeds come with loads of antioxidants which inhibits lipid peroxidases and also the enzymes that inhibit sperm mobility, motility and production. There is a element called sesame lignans which increase tissue tocopherol levels and help in increasing the sperm count. Sesame intake increased the sperm count on rats when tested. So, it has a scientific support behind.

You can eat sesame seeds directly in raw form every evening. If you are not a fan of tasting them directly, you can probably add some sesame seeds to the salads you take. There are many Indian dishes in which you add sesame seeds for typical taste.