Sarrainodu Effect : Aadi Rejects Boyapati

The trend of main stream heroes turning villains has got much popular these days. This happened from senior actors Jagapathi babu to junior hero Aadi Pinisetty who tried his luck as a villain in the film Sarrainodu. Aadi has gotten great reaction from crowd for his acting in ‘Sarainodu’. Chiru telephoned Aadi and praised him which is an a good representative for Aadi. After “Sarainodu” release, Aadi got great name which Boyapati expected as of now. So he took a guarantee from Aadi to go about as a villain in his next film also which will have Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas in the lead role.

In the wake of seeing the blended after effect of ‘Sarainodu’, Aadi Pinisettty changed his choice. As per news from film industry, Aadi said no to Boyapati as of late. He said that he doesn’t suit for the villain roles that will be presented by Boyapati. Might be Aadi can pull off soft villain roles but he can not pull off violent roles. In spite of the fact that he got great name with “Sarainodu” Aadi is keen on proceeding as a hero only. He is acting in couple of Tamil films now.