Saptagiri Express Review

Film : Sapthagiri LLB
Banner : Sai Celluloid Cinematic Creations
Cast : Sapthagiri, Sai Kumar, Kashish Vohra & others
Producer : Ravi Kirane
Director : Charan Lakkaakula
Music Director : Bulganin
Release date : December 7, 2017

What it’s about ?

Sapthagiri (Sapthagiri) is a new passout and a small time lawyer who is tired of being a small ant. He moves to Hyderabad to earn a big name. But there he had to face a reputed and cunning lawyer Rajpal (Sai Kumar) who is defending a rich youngster accused for drunk and drive accident case which took 6 lives. Was Sapthagiri strong enough to take on the biggest lawyer of current times in the city?

Artists and Performances :

Sapthagiri has got that inbuilt ease which separates him from other comedians in the current lot. In simple, he has that mass appeal in his comedy. Sapthagiri LLB is a platform where he expressed himself in complete. He even had dance numbers and have happened to pull out them with ease. However, it’s Sai Kumar who dominates the game with his spellbounding performance. You can glue to the screen whenever he gets into some action. Kashish Vohra has possibly made the worst debut on recent times. Besides, her not getting any opportunity to perform, her character is a misfit in this commercial potboiler. Shakalaka Shankar made failed attempts to make laugh.

Technical Talk :

Music is shoddy. The tunes are strictly for masses. So does the dance numbers. Although Sapthagiri showcases his moves, he doesn’t entertain. Background is terrible most of the times. Editing is of low quality. However, we can’t blame every scene on the editor in commercial potboilers since directors and producers don’t treat them as hurdles in story telling. Production values are rich.

Analysis :

Sapthagiri Express looks like a spoof of 2013 Hindi film “Jolly LLB”. Barring the climax, the Sapthagiri starrer looks like rip off. While the Hindi films is very much honest in story telling, the Telugu remake lost the originality with the inclusion of commercial ingredients. The comedy scenes are humourless. The dance numbers are useless. Sapthagiri LLB should only entertain masses. If it fails even in that case, it would end up as yet another boxoffice failure at Telugu boxoffice this month.

However, we can’t take away couple of moments from you. Despite a boring saga, there are couple of moments for the masses.

Plus Points :

* Climax court room scene

Minus Points :

* Unfunny comedy scenes
* Songs
* Editing
* Treatment

Brief note :

Just bad and boring

Rating : 2/5