Samantha disappoints everyone

Youth goddess of Tollywood Samantha had disappointed everyone with her tweet few minutes back. Sam had trashed every man dreams which they see from many days. She tweeted

“If u have watched my films u wldnt need me to tell u that the rumour of me sporting a bikini in my next is just a rumour…put this to rest”.

This has put an end to all the rumors which were floating online from quite some weeks that Samantha is going to sport bikini in her coming film Ramayya Vasthavayya. This tweet not only cleared air about present gossip but put a complete end on that Sam will not be give the eye treat to movie buffs wearing a bikini in any of her future films.

Sam had finished her Ramayya Vasthavayya movie and she started her next film with NTR in the direction of Vasu (Santosh Srinivas). Sam is waiting for the release of her film with Pawan Kalayn and according to latest reports probably on 27th September AD film might release.