RGV feels HIS kiss better than any girl’s kiss

The most controversial film maker ever to handle the megaphone in India Cinema history, mister Ram Gopal Varma posts his usual or typical unusual stuff again. If you do remember, there was no great rapport between Ram Gopal Varma and Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap over the years. But unexpectedly, the bond blossomed again. Not just those two bold filmmakers met each other, but they even kissed each other. And more what ? RGV stated that Anurag’s lips on his cheeks feel better than any girl’s lips.

“No matter what all horrible people think about us I doubt they will suspect our $exual orientation ..But we love each other. Just met Anurag Kashyap at a restaurant and his lips on my cheek felt better than a most $exiest girls lips on a my mouth. I hate gays because I don’t like anyone who doesn’t like women but connecting point with Anurag is we both like women and our kiss is an acknowledgement of our common love for women. A kiss is not a $exual expression but the purest form of love which can happen between mother and child or thickest friends or bitterest enemies ..but my kiss to Anurag is for his $exy mind.” RGV posted on his Instagram.