Renu Desai speaks on the reason for divorce with Pawan Kalyan

Why Kattappa killed Baahubali was answered this year. But before that and even today, there is another question answered carrying more or less the same curiosity. Why did Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai split up? Why did they put a full stop to their love life after years of living relationship and 4 years of marriage? What made two souls in love go apart?

Yesterday, speaking in an interview, Renu Desai some how left a clue about the divorce but she never left the actual information in any sense. All that we could know is, only one from the two was the reason for divorce. Now the question is, who was it? Was it Pawan Kalyan who wanted divorce or was it Renu Desai who had disinterest in her marriage?

As a person, Renu once again rated Pawan Kalyan a 10 on 10 but as a husband, the score is just 5-6. Does that mean Pawan failed as a husband? Was he not able to give enough space to Renu in his larger than life world? Well, Renu said that she will reveal the reason behind divorce someday but not any soon. In her words, she would probably writing an auto biography where she speak facts about her marriage and love life with the Powerstar. Till then, you got to hold the patience.